Balloon Prices and Ideas to Inspire

With an unlimited number of creations, combinations and options, it would be impossible for us to list all our prices. So, here you’ll find a small sample of the products and pricing available.

Latex Table & Floor Balloon Bouquets

Mix and match plain, pearl, solid and printed 11″ latex balloons with ribbons and weights in the colour of your choice to create dazzling table balloon bouquets. Larger balloon bouquets also make fabulous floor displays. (Prices may vary.)

3 Balloon Bouquet £8.50
5 Balloon Bouquet £11.00
7 Balloon Bouquet £13.00

Latex & Foil Mixed Bouquets

Add a bit of shine and sparkle to your balloon bouquets. Mix plain foil and 11″ pearl or solid colour latex balloons to create stunning table and floor displays with different shapes and sizes.

1 x foil & 2 x latex balloon bouquet £10.50
3 foil £11.50
5 foil £16.50
Personalise plain foil balloons with glitter writing for just 75p extra per balloon or that extra special touch in vinyl for £2.50!

Double Bubble Bouquets 11″

Tired of plain balloon bouquets? Want something a bit more unique? Try 11″ Double Bubble Centrepieces. Inside each clear or printed 11″ balloon you’ll find a 9″ balloon tucked away inside and held with a basic balloon weight. Mix and match pearl or solid colour balloons to match your colour scheme and get twice the impact with a soft, elegant feel.

1 x double bubble & 2 latex bouquet from £10.00
2 x double bubble & 1 latex bouquet from £12.50
3 x double bubble from £15.00
Double Bubble Bouquets with beautiful 20″ or 24″ deco bubbles

Make a bigger statement with 20″ or 24″ Double Bubble Bouquet Balloons. Inside each clear or printed balloon, you’ll find another 11″ balloon. Finally, everything is held with a coordinating balloon weight and ribbon.

starting from £20.00

Balloon Spiral Staircase

Starting at £30.00

Consisting of 5 pearl or plain latex balloons, this swirling centrepiece is a beautiful addition to wedding or party decor in any colour or style. You can even link them with flowers for a more romantic feel.

Balloon Arches

String of pearl arches is perfect for weddings, parties and even proms. Made in virtually any size, it makes beautiful entrance décor.

Make a picture perfect entrance with a single arch created with plain solid colour balloons or spiral arch created with co-ordinating colour balloons. Perfect for parties and proms. Need a softer, more romantic look? Try them in pearl latex balloons to match your colour scheme!

From £70.00 – Quotation on request

18″ Personalised Foil Balloon

Plain 18″ Foil balloon of your choice personalised with a unique message using holographic glitter – £4.99

36″ Personalised Foil Balloon

Plain Foil balloon of your choice decorated with tulle or organza, a collar of 5″ balloons and fixed to a co-coordinating balloon base – £25.00

Add a unique message with holographic glitter for a little extra pizzazz.

Balloon Columns

Our 6ft balloon columns fit easily into any decor and can be completely customised to match the theme of your celebration.

From £50.00

Balloon Columns Linked With A Single Arch

For a real attention grabber, try two balloon columns linked together with pearl arch. Perfect over a cake, top table or entrance.

Starting at just £100.00

Fantasy Cloud Nines

Highlight top table or buffet tables with a stunning display of balloon clouds made of eight 11″ solid colour balloons and 1 x Double Bubble linked with tulle or organza.

3 Clouds from £85.00
4 Clouds from £95.00
5 Clouds from £105.00

Foil Balloons

Single plain or character helium-filled foil balloons. Round, stars, hearts and helium message balloons are also available.

18″ all types £4.25
2 Foils £8.00
Prices include your choice of any 18″ foil balloon in a box wrapped with ribbon and a huge bow on top.

When the box is opened, the balloon pops out!

36″ Foil Letters and Numbers

Celebrate birthdays and anniversaries with number balloons. They’re approximately 36″ tall and available in gold, pink, blue or silver, so they’re sure to get attention. See our gallery for more.

£11.00 each

Balloon Weights

Hold several balloons without detracting from your decorations with our balloon weights. Available in variety of colours.

Foil Tassel £1.20
Boxed £1.00
Metallic Table Confetti £1.20
Balloon Colours

For more details please contact Alison on 0113 2825698 or 07796 671315

All bookings are subject to a delivery and set-up charge. Fees depend on the total distance to travel.

Prices listed may be subject to change at any time.
Free local site visits are available (by appointment only).
A 20% deposit will be required upon confirmation of order.
All Balloon orders must be paid 7 days before the event date.

Stuck for balloon ideas?

Why not download our ideas brochure to give you a little bit of inspiration! Brochure of Balloon Ideas

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